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Duvet vendors




Aud Halmøy (Halmøyvær/Flovær)

Snefrid Jakobsen (Hysvær)

John Karlsen (Muddvær)

Erna Nilsen (Muddvær)

Gudrun Olaissen (Muddvær)




Gerd Jakobsen (Selvær)
Herdis Reløy (Dyrøy)





Winter douvets

200 cm long -  contains 1 kg of down - kr 40.000,-

220 cm long - containts 1,1 kg down - kr 44.000,-


All-year duvets

200 cm long - contains 0,8 kg of down - kr 32.000,-

220 cm long - contains 0,9 kg of down - kr 36.000,- 



The prices vary due to the amount of down and the length of the duvet, not the quality of the down.



If you are interested in buying a duvet or want to know more about them, contact us using the contact-page. 

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